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AT THE OPENING OF THE CONFERENCE THAT CREATED ISRAEL BONDS (1950) Prime Minster David Ben Gurion spoke to American philanthropists, Jewish Community lay-leaders/executives and Israeli government officials gathered in Jerusalem. “Neither our security nor our future is safe, and there is not yet attained the main purpose of the State of Israel.”  These words, spoken almost 70 years ago, are still true today. With every Israel bond investment we bring Israel closer to “attaining” Ben Gurion’s goals. 
EVERY ISRAEL BOND CAN MULTI-TASK AS SAVINGS, DONATION OR A GIFT; they are packed with mitzvah, Zionism, and pride in Jewish identity. Whether for family or for yourself every Israel Bonds purchase strengthens our families and communities; they strengthen connections to Israel, strengthen Israel and join us to the vision of the dreamers, founders and builders of Israel to create a state, a home, a life and a future for the Jewish people.
UNLIKE THE FIRST ISRAEL BONDS OFFERED MORE 70 YEARS AGO today’s Israel bonds are different – shorter maturities, different denominations, online or app investing, and maturity checks are mailed automatically.  Yet in some ways – very important ways – the bonds have not changed containing the same values, passions and dreams as the first.  When you gift an Israel bonds for a simcha, or give an Israel bond instead of cash or check for dues, tributes or pledges you declare connection to our Jewish-Zionist values and commitment to strengthen and secure our people, our state and our future.   
ISRAEL BONDS IS THE FINANCE MINISTRY’S emergency back-up plan when Israel is under attack.  Despite the State of Israel’s strong rating and repayment record, when the rockets fly at Ashkelon and Sderot and Tel Aviv world financial institutions don’t take Israel’s call.
UNLIKE THE EARLY DECADES OF ISRAEL’S EXISTENCE when the distribution of Israel Bonds campaign proceeds every year was truly a guns or butter decision, today Israel Bond’s sales and overall program are an important and valuable tool used by the Finance Ministry to achieve favorable outcomes for investors and for the citizens and State of Israel.   
GLOBALLY RENOWNED INVESTOR WARREN BUFFETT partnered with Israel Bonds for 3 events in 2017-18 – 2 in Omaha and 1 in New York. The Buffett events generated a combined total of $290 million in Israel bonds investments and intentions to invest. When asked why he remains committed to Israel and the Bonds institution, Buffett stated, “I have nothing but good feelings about what I am doing. The United States and Israel will always be linked. It is a good thing for Israel that there is an America, and it is a good thing for America that there is an Israel.”
AN INVESTMENT IN ISRAEL BONDS IS AN ENDORSEMENT OF ISRAEL – a reborn Jewish nation that achieved independence against all odds and, over the course of 70+ years, has successfully overcome every agricultural, environmental, immigration, resource and security challenge.  For 71 of Israel’s 74 years through 15 Prime Ministers, the proceeds from the sales of Israel bonds, now more than $46 billion dollars sold worldwide, have supported every aspect of Israel’s economy – not politics or parties, or power, but the land, the people, the dream, and the future.
INVESTING IN ISRAEL BONDS IS NOT AN INVESTMENT IN PARTIES OR POLITICS, in ruling coalition or opposition. Every dollar of every investment – no matter the sum – is a dollar invested in strengthening the achievement of the dreamers, founders and builders of Israel to create a state, a life and a future for the Jewish people.
PURCHASING ISRAEL BONDS HELPS ME FEEL CONNECTED TO ISRAEL when my feet are not walking the streets of Jerusalem, hiking in the Jordan Valley, or feeling the Mediterranean splash over my toes.  Participating in a campaign for Israel Bonds is my 
  • Statement of love/care/concern for Israel.
  • Homage to parents/grandparents and a lesson to children/grandchildren as it was to me. 
  • Connection to the dreamers, founders, and builders of the State of Israel – and to generations of Jews who longed to write a check to “The State of Israel” but didn’t live long enough.
  • My investment says Israel is important to me, I think about Israel, and I want her to know it.
BDS ADVOCATES INFURIATED BY ISRAEL’S ECONOMIC SUCCESS PROMOTE boycotting Israeli products, companies and social institutions; also divesting from corporations anywhere in the world that do business with Israel.  Every investment in Israel bonds is a…
  • Rejection of BDS advocates claims, proposals and objectives.
  • Declaration of support for Israel’s path, purpose and accomplishments.
ISRAEL BONDS ARE CURRENTLY HELD BY CLOSE TO 270,000 PEOPLE. This wide dispersion of a portion of Israel’s sovereign debt is a positive factor that helps earn strong ratings for the State of Israel from credit analysts at the major credit agencies. Strong ratings make it possible for the Finance Ministry to acquire additional foreign capital at favorable rates to help Israel manage its economy.
(Note: Israel bonds are not rated.)
WE CANNOT EXPECT OUR CHILDREN TO BE MOTIVATED TO SUPPORT ISRAEL by the same longing and desperation for a state that compelled our parents and grandparents to invest in Israel bonds.  We can however inspire them with the many levels of mitzvah embedded in every Israel bond and energize them with the value and convenience of Israel bonds for gift-giving and/or savings.
  • MITZVAH: Support and secure the State of Israel.
  • ZIONISM: Share the dreams of the Founders and Builders who restored our Homeland.
  • INCOME:  Israel bonds earn interest until maturity.
  • CONVENIENCE:  Israel bonds are available for purchase online or via app 24/7.
  • TRADITION: Learn, embrace and transmit love/support if Israel from one generation to the next.
Development Corporation for Israel. Issues subject to availability. This is not an offering, which can be made only by prospectus. Read the prospectus carefully before investing to fully evaluate the risks associate with investing in Israel bonds. Member FINRA