Message from Rabbinic Advisory Council Chairperson and National Director Synagogue Division

Dear Rabbi/Synagogue Lay-Leader,

The common basket of High Holy Days touchstones at most synagogues includes the sounds of the shofar, white Torah covers, too many people in the lobby instead of the sanctuary, melodies we look forward to singing every year, and an Israel Bonds appeal.

Among the items in the basket the sounds of the shofar and Israel Bonds have the most in common because they link us to our history, our land, and our tradition. These timeless elements of our heritage inspire us, strengthen us, and connect us to Israel.

Every Israel bond investment, donation or gift by a member of your congregation renews our ties to Israel and each other. Like hearing the sounds of the shofar purchasing, gifting, or donating an Israel Bond is a connection that never gets old – it just gets stronger.

This Guide to Conducting a High Holy Days Appeal provides all the necessary tools to conduct a highly successful appeal - one that will attract the participation of both returning and new investors. 

And be sure to check out our Rabbinic Advisory Council High Holy Days "Pitch" Training Camp for Lay-Leaders and Rabbis with guest Israel Bonds President & CEO Dani Naveh on September 7, 2022 at 12:00pm EDT, Zoom. Training will include guidance for lay people and rabbis regarding the regulatory limitations placed on what they can discuss during their appeals. REGISTER HERE.
Questions? Contact Rabbi Pasternak directly: or 646.773.4111.

Wishing a safe, happy, prosperous, and most of all healthy 5783 for you, your families and for Israel.
Rabbi Rosette Haim Baron
Rabbinic Advisory Council
Rabbi Martin Pasternak
National Director
Synagogue Division
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