Investing Options

Double the Impact of Your Donations with Israel Bonds

Donations of Israel bonds are a meaningful way to support your favorite causes, while simultaneously supporting Israel. You can find a list of organizations that accept donations of Israel bonds here.


Charities, universities, Jewish federations, foundations and more can replenish critical resources through options offering twice-yearly interest payments or accrued interest upon maturity. Principal for either option is paid upon maturity.


Concurrently, the vital funds Israel receives from the purchase of Israel bonds for donations enables the strengthening of a strong, proud Jewish nation.


Giving gifts of Israel bonds is a special way to celebrate meaningful occasions. Consider Mazel Tov and eMazel Tov bonds for weddings, graduations, births, bar and bat mitzvahs and more.  

Mazel Tov bonds can be purchased for a minimum $100 investment. eMazel Tov bonds (available online only) can be purchased for a minimum $36 investment. Terms and features can be found here.


  • Gifts of Israel bonds can be purchased online or via the Israel Bonds App, and includes the option of printing a gift card
  • Purchasing gifts of Israel bonds online allows you to purchase for as many individuals as you choose. At the end of each transaction, you will be asked if your purchase is complete, or if you would like to add additional bonds. Once finished, payment will be processed for all purchases. The names of the individuals for whom you purchased will be saved, so you can conveniently purchase additional Israel bonds for those individuals at a future date.
  • You do not need the recipient's Social Security number when purchasing Israel bonds for gifts

Financial Portfolios

Israel bonds can help diversify portfolios and preserve capital.


Bond Financing
The bond financing program provides significant funding for Israel at a relatively low cost to the investor. Click here for more information.

Retirement Plans

Israel bonds can be utilized for retirement plans. Note that investments for IRAs or pension funds must be facilitated through a custodian or administrator and cannot be made via the Israel Bonds purchase site.

Need Assistance?

For additional information, contact Israel Bonds Client Support at or 888.519.4111.  Hours (Eastern Time) are Monday 9am-5pm; Tuesday-Wednesday 9am-7pm; Thursday 9am-5pm; and Friday 9am-3pm.