An Impressive Legacy of Achievement

Israel Bonds turns 70 with an impressive legacy of achievement. The “brighter future” Ben-Gurion prophesized has come to fruition, built on a foundation of over $45 billion in worldwide Israel bond investments. The few dozen American Jewish leaders who laid the groundwork at the King David conference were the forerunners of what grew into a global network, encompassing dozens of cities spanning three continents. And one of the most central tenets of Judaism, l’dor v’dor – from generation to generation – became an Israel Bonds mantra as successive generations chose Bonds as their means of establishing a personal connection with Israel and each other.

Israel Bonds Way, situated in the gardens of Jerusalem’s King David Hotel, commemorates
the site where it all began 

While the perennial success of Israel Bonds was realized through the collective efforts of Jewish communities throughout the world, Israel’s determination to overcome adversity inspired many outside that community to become involved as well.
Organized labor was among the earliest investors in Israel bonds. The depth of the movement’s understanding of the significance of the Bonds program was underscored at an AFL-CIO convention held in October 1973 as the Yom Kippur War was raging. Throughout the conference, delegates were urged to show solidarity with Israel through investments in Israel bonds.

An early call to action

Moreover, over 100 state and municipal public employee pension funds and treasury funds have collectively acquired more than $3.5 billion in Israel bonds, with officials citing admiration for Israel as a key reason for their investments.
And Warren Buffett, the world’s most famous investor, headlined three Israel Bonds events in just 18 months. Demonstrating his own commitment, Buffett made a personal $5 million investment, calling Israel bonds “a deserved endorsement of a remarkable country.”

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