A Dynamic Bridge

Ben-Gurion’s vision of Israel Bonds as a dynamic bridge between Israel and its supporters has been perpetuated by his successors. In a nation known for fractious politics, Israel Bonds has met with continuous approval from every ruling party.

Highlighting the Bonds role in strenghtening Israel's economy 

Bonds President & CEO Israel Maimon, who served as government secretary in the cabinets of prime ministers Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert, put it into context: “We are all familiar with the expression ‘two Jews have three opinions,’ especially,” he adds, “if they are politicians. However when it came to the need and appreciation for Israel Bonds, everyone spoke with one voice.”

It’s not just politicians. Didi Nishlis, an Israeli member of the Bonds board, said, “When I explain to Israeli friends and colleagues how the organization is able to generate an ongoing flow of investments in these difficult times, they are speechless. Understanding the importance of Israel Bonds not only as a financial tool, but also as a true bond with Israel, really resonates with them.”

Showcasing the diversity of Israel Bonds events
Like every enterprise, the Israel Bonds business model has been impacted by coronavirus. Nevertheless, the organization remains undeterred, continuing to build on its 70-year legacy. Earlier this year, the Finance Ministry accepted a Bonds proposal in which it would not look to reduce its 2020 goal in light of the pandemic, but rather, to expand it. Israel Bonds is firmly committed to securing a record $1.7 billion in worldwide sales by year’s end.

An Israeli stamp commemorates the inaugural Independence Issue
The legendary Shimon Peres, who remarked, “I am indeed happy to have witnessed the countless ways in which Israel Bonds has transformed this country,” assessed the organization’s impact succinctly: “A vital chapter in Israel’s history,” he affirmed, “was when David Ben-Gurion convened the inaugural meeting of Israel Bonds.”