Women's Division

Laura Orzy

Michelle Klahr 
Women's Division Director

Development Corporation for Israel/Israel Bonds
641 Lexington Avenue, 9th floor
New York, NY 10022
866-966-7348 (866-WOMSDIV) Womens.Division@israelbonds.com

Read more and watch a video from Israel Bonds Women’s Division 2017 Israel Delegation here
(Film credit: Shahar Sasson)

Women’s Division Honor Pin

From the time the Israelites crossed into the Promised Land to today’s modern State of Israel, women have played a continuous and essential role in defining the destiny of the Jewish homeland. The Women’s Division Honor Pin – an inspired expression of Medinat Yisrael - pays tribute to the legacy and leadership of Jewish women.
Created by artist Caryn Ladovsky, the pin is a symbolic means for supporters of the Women’s Division to proudly demonstrate their connection to Israel through investments in Israel bonds. The design reflects a stylistic rendition of the Israel Bonds logo, set with Swarovski© crystals that graduate from light to darker blue. Along with the pin, the owner will receive an initial charm which represents an icon synonymous with the Judaic faith, as a gesture of appreciation.

Golda Meir Club Pin

$5,000 level

The Golda Meir Club Pin is available with an Israel bonds investment of $5,000 or more. 
Included with the pin will be a collectible charm, and upon subsequent annual investments of $5,000 
or more, the honored recipient will be presented an additional charm, indicating her continued commitment to the State of Israel and its people.

Diamond Trustee Pin

$10,000 level

The Diamond Trustee Pin is available with an Israel bonds investment of $10,000 and higher.  The honored investor will receive a crystal-encrusted charm along with the pin, and for their ongoing annual investments of $10,000 and above, they will be given a new charm in gratitude for their contribution to the growth of the Jewish nation by investing in Israel bonds.

The Women’s Division has established the Honor Pin program to demonstrate personal admiration for its extraordinary members and pay tribute to their dedication to investing in Israel’s economy, the people of Israel everywhere and to the everlasting legacy of the Jewish heritage.  In wearing these pins, the Women’s Division hopes that women feel inspired to share their personal connection with Israel,
the Bonds organization, and with advocates of Israel the world over.  

CONTACT: womens.division@israelbonds.com or 866.966.7348 for more information about investing in Israel bonds and ordering the Women’s Division Honor Pin.

Download our Women’s Division Honor Pin flyer here.