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Israel Bonds Aids in Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

In the wake of one of the most devastating storms to hit the continental United States, restoration efforts for communities affected by Hurricane Harvey are ongoing, and the need for immediate assistance continues. Out of concern for the residents of Houston and the surrounding areas of South Texas due to the flooding and chaos that ensued as a result of this act of nature, Israel Bonds is providing support in the form of a donation and volunteers. 

With the help of two Houston-based, Jewish non-profit agencies, staff members from the Israel Bonds Houston office are engaged in relief efforts by volunteering to repair structures damaged by the floodwaters and delivering emergency supplies to individuals and families in crisis.

Israel Bonds will continue participating in relief initiatives including food distribution and cleanup efforts.  Israel Bonds stands strong with all individuals who have been impacted by this catastrophe.  

Steve Landis of Israel Bonds’ Houston office helps with disaster relief efforts by removing
debris from a resident’s home

Eric Lipman of Israel Bonds’ Houston office assists in cleanup efforts in a South Texas
community affected by the storm

Mound of debris removed by Israel Bonds’ staff volunteers