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Thank You to Our Loyal Investors

By Israel (Izzy) Tapoohi
President & CEO

On February 3, I received a special honor:  I was named to the Algemeiner list of ‘The Top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life’ in 2014.  The list, comprised of diverse, worldwide individuals from all walks of life, included academia, journalism, philanthropy and more.  I was cited in the business category.

Although I was the recipient as president & CEO of the Bonds enterprise, this honor is rightfully shared with the loyal Israel Bonds client base.  Without our dedicated investors in Israel bonds, the exceptional achievement of exceeding $1.1 billion in U.S. sales in each of the past two years would have not been possible.


Over the course of those two years, the importance of the Bonds organization was demonstrated from key perspectives. 


First, we highlighted the message that investing in Israel bonds means investing in one of the world’s most resilient economies. 


Second, we raised awareness of the fact that Israel bonds are meaningful securities that can be utilized for numerous financial goals.


And, last summer, we reinforced our organization’s value as a strategic asset for Israel when, in a matter of weeks, we secured millions of dollars in Israel bond investments in response to Hamas rocket attacks.


This outstanding success decisively changed the way in which the Bonds organization is perceived.  The very fact that I – and by extension, the Bonds organization – was placed in the business category clearly proves that any lingering perceptions of Israel Bonds as a charity have forever been dispersed.


In 2015, our efforts must remain focused and resolute.  Israel will continue to face geopolitical instability, and its economy will be impacted by ongoing global uncertainty.


As Israel confronts these challenges, I am confident your continued investments in Israel bonds will be instrumental in realizing a third consecutive year in which we exceed $1 billion in domestic sales.   


Thank you for your support.