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Confidence in Israel’s Economy

By Israel (Izzy) Tapoohi
President & CEO

On December 31, the Israel Bonds organization closed the books on annual U.S. sales exceeding $1 billion for the third consecutive year. 

This is a tremendous vote of confidence in Israel’s economy, which, over the years, has proven to be among the world’s most resilient.  As global economies falter, Israel’s economy remains strong.

Throughout 2015, we shared a consistent, two-part message: acquiring Israel bonds makes our clients stakeholders in Israel’s resilient economy; and the securities we offer are investments that are important additions to financial portfolios.  I am proud that our message resonated with a large and diverse number of clients and investors.

This is in keeping with a narrative shift we have promoted over the past four years, focusing on the economic rather than the geopolitical.

Here is why: in October, Moody’s took note of the impressive fact that "Israel’s economic growth has outpaced that of most advanced industrial economies over the past decade."  Additionally, in a recent article, Alex Brill, research fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, wrote, "The Israeli economy . . . remains an incredible example of a developed country’s ability to achieve sustained economic growth."

The strong economy is a testament to two of Israel’s greatest attributes: resolve and ingenuity.  Despite ceaseless  challenge and adversity, Israel has built a forward-looking, tech-based economy, and the world has taken notice.

At Israel Bonds, we will continue to do our part to keep Israel’s economy strong, and to highlight its proven resilience.  Over the past four years alone, Israel Bonds has provided Israel with over $4 billion in U.S. domestic sales.

Our efforts on behalf of Israel’s economy are characterized by a shared sense of pride and purpose.  We are resolute in our determination to secure ever-greater numbers of stakeholders in Israel’s economy. 

To all our clients, thank you for being part of another historic year.  I look forward to your continued support through investments in Israel bonds.