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Actions and Reactions

By Israel (Izzy) Tapoohi
President & CEO

One of the primary tenets of physics, as set out by Sir Isaac Newton, is that for every action, there is a reaction. This law is applicable not only to physics, but to many additional circumstances, including our support for Israel. 

For example, the agenda of the BDS movement (Boycott/Divest/Sanction) demands divestment from Israel, including Israel bonds.  This is the action.  The most appropriate reaction is this: every call for divestment should be met with an investment in Israel bonds.

A single investment in Israel bonds achieves these positive results:

  • It is a clear rebuttal to BDS advocates
  • It helps keep Israel’s economy resilient
  • It strengthens personal investment portfolios
  • And it solidifies our shared connection to the land, confirming our belief in Israel’s vast promise and limitless potential

This last point prompts a closer look at who actually wants Israel boycotted. Certainly not individuals around the world benefiting from Israel’s life-saving advances in science and medicine. Certainly not the millions of people utilizing 'made in Israel' technology to make their daily lives more engaging and productive. And certainly not the distressed citizens of nations afflicted by natural disasters – Nepal, Japan, the Philippines, Haiti and more – who rapidly receive vital supplies and essential medical care from Israeli emergency response teams.

During this time of  geopolitical instability, hypocritical double-standards and calls for divestment and boycotts, an investment in Israel bonds is a definitive reaction to the actions of those who wish Israel harm.

Thank you for your support.