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Keeping Israel’s Economy Strong

By Israel (Izzy) Tapoohi
President & CEO

Last month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a strong, determined appearance before the UN General Assembly. In his remarks, the prime minister addressed many critical issues, including a nuclear Iran, the Palestinians and anti-Israel bias.

However, the prime minister was not pessimistic. Not at all. He declared, in fact, that “We are so proud of the long strides our country has made in such a short time.  We are so proud that our small country is making such a huge contribution to the entire world.”

At Israel Bonds, we share the prime minister’s pride. The Jewish state is, and always will be, an extraordinary example of what can be accomplished in the face of adversity. I highlight two achievements in particular: the seemingly limitless creativity of Israeli innovation, and the nation’s outstanding success in building a strong, resilient economy.

The world is in awe of Israeli ingenuity.  Made in Israel technology has revolutionized science and medicine, and made everyday life more productive and engaging. Yet, the nation’s undisputed feat of building a strong economy is often overlooked.

But although economic resilience is, perhaps, not the first achievement associated with Israel, the Israel Bonds organization works hard to change that perception every day. 

At Israel Bonds, we are doing our part to keep Israel’s economy strong. Over the past four years alone, we have provided Israel with over $4 billion in U.S. sales.

Equally important, the sales reflect the determination of the Bonds organization to counter supporters of the Boycott/Divest/Sanction movement. Although they are motivated by the conviction that they can defeat Israel by bringing down its economy, at Israel Bonds we think otherwise.

We are gratified our message has met with a resounding response from a wide spectrum of investors, who understand that by helping to keep Israel’s economy strong, they are directly repudiating the BDS movement’s boycott agenda.

Thank you for standing with Israel through investments in Israel bonds.