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Over $250 Million in Sales: A Strong Statement of Solidarity

By Israel (Izzy) Tapoohi
President & CEO

When Operation Protective Edge was launched in July, the Bonds organization proactively asked Israel’s friends and supporters to demonstrate unity through investments in Israel bonds.


The results have been outstanding.  Since the onset of the conflict, Israel bond investments have exceeded $250 million, a number encompassing 10,000 bondholders. To date, U.S. sales for 2014 are rapidly approaching $900 million.


In making this strong statement of solidarity, our clients demonstrated once again that when Israel faces a crisis, Israel Bonds supporters do not walk away.  At a time when Israel is facing cynical and predictable condemnations, the response of Bonds clients, leadership and staff has underscored the fact that our organization continues to be a vital, strategic asset for the Jewish state.


This is not to say our efforts have come to an end. In the aftermath of the war with Hamas, Israel will focus particular attention on its economy. It is projected that Operation Protective Edge could cost Israel as much as $4 billion. 


In addition to defense-related expenditures, this estimate factors in all economic sectors, most especially tourism, as well as a possible slowdown in foreign investment, the costs of rebuilding rocket-shattered communities, and, as a consequence, a potential increase in the national deficit.


The message each Israel bond investment sends during a time of economic challenge is no less important than during a security challenge.  I encourage you to:


  • Reinvest matured Israel bonds
  • Complete an outstanding Israel bond investment
  • Make a new Israel bond investment


And, if you have already invested, consider an additional bond, which will not only express your support, but also strengthen your portfolio.


Thank you for standing with Israel by investing in Israel bonds.