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Confidence From Israel’s Foremost Leaders

By Israel (Izzy) Tapoohi
President & CEO

The success of the Israel Bonds international delegation to Paris and Israel, held September 7 – 14, can be measured by the fact that Israel’s foremost leaders – President Rivlin, Prime Minister Netanyahu, Finance Minister Lapid and Defense Minister Ya’alon – all arranged their schedules specifically to meet with us.
The meetings underscored the continued close connection between the highest levels of Israel’s government and the Bonds organization.

Delegates took pride in the words of President Rivlin, who praised our organization’s “unique role in the growth of Israel and its transformation from an agricultural country to a modern global economy.”

Moreover, Prime Minister Netanyahu thanked the Bonds delegation for “your vote of confidence in our country (and) for your support, the backing you provide, and your acts of goodwill.” The prime minister stressed the importance of maintaining a strong economy in light of geopolitical events.

Finance Minister Lapid highlighted our organization’s close ties with Israel, declaring, “These are times when we need our family more than ever, and you are family.”

The confidence Israel’s top echelon expressed in the Bonds enterprise will be our impetus as we move into the final quarter of the 2014 sales effort.  Israel faces economic challenge in the aftermath of Operation Protective Edge, and we must ensure the continued flow of capital through the sale of Israel bonds.  This includes not only increasing the number of bonds sold, but increasing the number of investors as well.

I hope you will join with us as we look to strengthen Israel’s economy and show determined support during these uncertain times.