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National Women's Division Prime Minister's Circle Forum

The National Women’s Division held its second Prime Minister’s Circle Forum at New York's Park Lane Hotel November 2-3. The forum brought together businesswomen, professionals, community leaders and Israel bond investors from the U.S. and Canada. 

Sivan Ya’ ari, founder and CEO of Innovation: Africa, was presented with the National Women’s Division Circle of Excellence Award. The forum's keynote speaker was Nancy Spielberg, who discussed her latest project, Above and Beyond, a documentary about the birth of the Israel Air Force.

 From left: Barbara Somogyi, Regina Tapoohi, Sharon Halpern and
Shira Lewis present the NWD Circle of Excellence Award to
honoree Sivan Ya’ ari, founder and CEO of Innovation: Africa 

NWD Chair Shira Lewis (right) welcomes new Associate Chair Laura Orzy

Forum participants view the new honor pin display at Israel Bonds
national headquarters in New York. The display, overseen by Elaine Hirsch
and Regina Tapoohi, features an array of artistically designed pins presented
to women Israel bond investors since 1954.

Filmmaker Nancy Spielberg (center) with Barbara Somogyi, Sharon Halpern,
Shira Lewis and Debbie Schwartz

Julia Ben Shalom, director of  American Friends of Vibe Israel, discusses
ways to promote a positive image of Israel

Former Bonds President & CEO Izzy Tapoohi and National Vice President
for Sales Stuart Garawitz lead a tribute to retiring National Women's Division
Director Debbie Schwartz

(Photos: ​Shahar Azran)