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For These Bonds Staffers, Lone Soldiers are Part of the Family

Israel Bonds proudly recognizes three members of the staff – National Director of Business Development Sara Friedman, Miami Assistant Executive Director Melanie Weinstein and  Chicago registered representative Lisa Weinstock - who have family members serving in the Israel Defense Forces as ‘lone soldiers,’ meaning they have no family in Israel. Here are their stories in their own words:
Sara Friedman: “In 2015, my son,Mendy,decided to put his words into action by making aliyah and joining the Israel Defense Forces as a lone soldier. Initially, his initiative to live his dream was bittersweet. While I felt immense pride in his choice to forgo the American college experience for the barracks and the intensity that is basic training, I was also grappling with the fear of missing the day-to-day life I would have had with my son. Mendy’s brave decision transformed our family, awakening within us,what I believe is the intrinsic sense of belonging to Israel that is within all of us. The real life struggles of a skinny privileged Jewish kid adapting to life as a soldier reminded me and my daughter, Nechama (who is now spending the year in an orphanage in Netanya), that there is no greater honor than realizing our dreams, even when it requires sacrifice, fortitude and traveling thousands of miles from our loved ones.”

National Director of Business Development Sara Friedman with son Mendy

Melanie Weinstein:  “ My little brother Jacob recently made aliyah to join the IDF as a lone soldier. The commitment of my family to service in Israel makes Israel a much more meaningful and important part of my life..He is my personal bond, my connection with Israel. I’m very proud of my brother and excited for his future."

 Miami Assistant Executive Director Melanie Weinstein with brother Jacob

Lisa Weinstock: “I’m tremendously proud and inspired by my son Jeremy, who is fulfilling his dream to serve, protect and strengthen our homeland. He is a courageous warrior – following his heart with unbridled purpose, enthusiasm and chutzpah. He is my unbreakable bond with Israel.”

Chicago registered representative Lisa Weinstock with son Jeremy